(Hermosa Beach, CA)– When Robert Gutierrez of Avis Rent-A-Car Operations visited 3V Signs, he was looking for a scrolling LED sign system to use for employee communication at the LAX location. Having worked as a HR professional for over 10 years, Stefanie Dacy (co-owner of 3V Signs) is quite familiar with the challenge of keeping employees informed. She also had formal training by Sign Biz, Inc., a sign industry developer, in signage solutions of all types.

Engaging Interest

“Employees are not good about reading bulletin boards. They know the legal posters and standard notices are there, but don’t usually look for anything new. A scrolling LED would be helpful for a while, but if you have to stand and wait for the message to play out, most people won’t wait. Being a LobbyPOP distributor, I was sure we had a better, more modern solution,” says Dacy.

Dynamic Sign Solution

lobbypop_logo2She knew the system would need to be engaging for employees passing by, while at the same time simple and quick to program in order to make regular updates an easy process, rather than a dreaded chore that requires a graphic designer. With these requirements in mind, Stefanie contacted her partners at LobbyPOP®, a division of Sign Biz Inc. that serves the dynamic sign niche. They recommended the new award-winning EzSign system from LG. This new system is available now as a self-contained system that looks and operates like a standard HD TV, and can be easily mounted almost anywhere. But unlike a standard HD TV, the EZ Sign system also allows the user to create dynamic digital signage content using a PC and the free EzSign Software. Content is transferred via USB flash drive, which is simply plugged into the port on the EzSign display unit. No additional hardware or software is required.

Programming couldn’t be easier, it’s a simple process of selecting your images or video to add, entering text, and saving the file (export) to load to the player. (LobbyPOP Pros offer skilled graphics services, and support and training as well.) When you transfer the file via ethernet or wireless upload, the content automatically displays as your own billboard. Watch tutorials (5-minutes each) to discover how the designs are created.

The sign was perfect. Simple to use & eye-catching. People are drawn to TV screens and if the template being displayed is changed often enough, employees are more likely to take a look. It does not take long to scan the screen to see if there is something you need to take note of. A headline like “Benefit Forms Due Friday” will make you take a look. Or “Congrats Amy from Avis” “NEW SALES CONTEST” etc. The eye-catching templates reduce the need for graphic art skills and save time, because you don’t have to create the formatting,” adds Dacy. “If you want your employees to be dynamic, shouldn’t your communication be dynamic, too? It is so simple and the picture is amazing! Robert is thrilled, and potentially Avis Corporate will take notice and decide to take it enterprise-wide … go big, right?” Teresa M. Young, President of Sign Biz, Inc., couldn’t agree more. “Stefanie applied her training, surveyed the client’s needs, and we then were able to find a perfect fit.”

Energy Star 5.3 New E SeriesLobbyPOP_Pro_Serves_Avis_Rent_A_Car

In an effort to promote green technology, LG has recently released several new models in the “E” series, these units feature Eco-Smart energy-saving brightness levels, RoHS compliancy, Energy Star 5.3 Qualification, and optional wireless data communication.


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