(Vista, CA)— The Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) is proud to announce the appointment of Ms. Teresa Young to the Board of Advisors. The DSEG Board of Advisors are the eyes and ears of the organization and they represent the different constituencies and viewpoints that make up the rapidly evolving digital signage industry. DSEG looks to the Board of Advisors for their experiences and insights in order to foster professional development and growth throughout each facet of the digital signage industry.

Depth of Experience

Alan C. Brawn Co-Director of the Digital Signage Experts and chairman emeritus of the Digital Signage Federation welcomes Young on board: “We are indeed fortunate to have someone on the DSEG team with Teresa’s track record of service to the traditional signage industry as the past chairperson of the International Sign Association not to mention her depth of experience in sign shop management and operation and entrepreneurship. She provides a unique perspective from the heart of the sign business and is ideally qualified to help DSEG promote education and professional certification in digital signage for the traditional sign industry not only in the US but around the world. In short, we will all learn a lot from her.”

In short, we will all learn a lot from her. ~ Alan Brawn

TMY-speaker-500x500Young adds, “It is important to meet the growing need for professional development in digital signage in and to help ensure the success of practitioners whose levels of expertise are varied. I relish this new role because it will give me the opportunity to help other professionals accomplish their objectives. It is also a privilege to work with Alan Brawn going forward.”

About Teresa M Young

TMY-slogan-311x75pxFor nearly 30 years, Teresa M. Young, DSCE, has supported new entrepreneurs entering the digital sign and graphics industry. Young is the Founder of LobbyPOP® a consulting firm and content provider for the sign industry and EcoSignage.org; President/CEO, Sign Biz®, Inc. (signbiz.com); and Past Chairwoman of the International Sign Association (ISA) and of the California Sign Association. Young sits on multiple boards and her company, Sign Biz, Inc., has launched more than 200 new entrepreneurs located in 42 states and six countries into their own sign businesses. She is an in-demand speaker, supporting the sign industry’s assimilation of dynamic signage as providers.

dseg-logo-smAbout Digital Signage Expert Group (DSEG)

The Digital Signage Expert Group founded in 2008 was established to provide professional industry certifications and recognition for participants as well as end users in the digital signage industry. DSEG is served by a Board of Advisors made up of leading members of the digital signage community including writers, consultants, trade associations, and end users. Certification courses include:

| The Digital Signage Certified Expert (DSCE)

| Digital Signage Network Expert (DSNE)

| Digital Signage Display Expert (DSDE)

| The Digital Content and Media Expert (DCME)

DSEG Certification programs are embraced and adopted by the Digital Signage Federation, the Digital Signage Expo, and the International Sign Association as well as manufacturers, software providers, distributors, integrators, and content providers. Certifications are available at live events like the Digital Signage Expo and as online programs. For more information www.DigitalSignageExperts.org