Training Overview

Sign Biz Network Members are trained by the industry leader in computer-aided signmaking, and operate the most sophisticated hardware and software package today. Each business owner receives personalized (not classroom) instruction and is awarded a Certificate of Sign Arts upon completion of Advanced Sign Studies.

360° Training

The curriculum consists of two weeks of home instruction, plus 48 hours of formal instruction at the Sign Biz Technical Training Center in Dana Point, California, and 32 hours of on-the-job training at Sign Biz store locations.

Included is the dynamic sign program marketing and technology components of the Sign Biz LobbyPOP product line, the most complete of its kind today.

Curriculum Overview

Home Study Period

Because of all its features, the Formal Training program is necessarily somewhat complex. That is why we prepare each new store owner with a comprehensive Home Study course prior to attending the Formal Training program. Home Study will require from one to two weeks to complete, depending on other demands on your time. The select Home Study manuals are a few of the more than 17 copyrighted manuals which are introduced through Formal Training. Everything is fully documented – You do not have to grasp everything all at once.

Marketing Component

Since 1989, the Sign Biz Formal Training Program has helped hundreds of business owners gain market advantages backed by extensive research. The Marketing Program component allows Sign Biz Network Members to avoid costly advertising mistakes, and changes the way they think about their business growth. During the first of two weeks spent in California, you will develop powerful and profitable marketing strategies and complete marketing calendar tailored to your operation. The marketing curriculum is designed to develop managerial competency in 6 key “Market Pillars” that comprise the marketing strategy. We own the $100K Benchmark Study that underpins this course.

Point of Sale & Pricing

Not only will you gain proficiency in business systems and legal requirements, you will master pricing formulas and the automated Point of Sale Software, a robust platform that can support growth to millions of dollars in annual revenue. Not many point of sale systems can claim that. In addition, the training videos prior to attending Formal Training, coupled with the Start Up Department training at your shop after graduation, will assure you of competency.

Sign Technology Component

The Formal Training Program continues for you and your first employee, a graphic designer, as you master the latest techniques and software for producing beautiful and profitable signs. The signmaking and design program teaches you and your team a full understanding of best sign design practices as well as emerging technologies relevant to today’s cutting edge visual communications environment, all within a personal setting.

This curriculum includes lamination techniques using one or more laminators in our production room, as well as sign design and color calibration using our 6-color wide-format Roland printer, Graphtec vinyl plotter, color calibration software and tools, widescreen LG monitor, hands-on signmaking tools and installation on multiple surfaces, all of which provide you with a simulated store environment, while allowing an intensive training program to proceed without interruption.

Live Store Environment

The second week is spent in high-volume Sign Biz stores, effectively eliminating “new business jitters” and allowing you and your graphic artist to practice what was learned. Your mentors are Sign Biz Members who are actively engaged as leaders within the Network. They sit on the Sign Biz Advisory Board, and bring great depth and a strong track record to bear in their operations. You benefit from a personal relationship that begins here, and can rely upon a well-rounded “in store” experience. From customer dialogues, to installations in the field, to a Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting, the actual events of your four days on the job will vary, and the front line experience will prepare you well for your debut day in your shop!

The Live Store Training most often takes place in one or more Sign Biz Member facilities within Southern California. We arrange this with you when you begin the training program, to accommodate your flight plans.

Proprietary Manuals & Videos

In addition, a vast array of proprietary education DVDs complements both the Home Study as well as the Formal Training Program. These are workshops captured at the Sign Biz Conventions, featuring intensive programs on subjects relevant to you business, such as SEO, bidding, hiring sales people, and more. No other sign chain has a library as extensive as this, and you can draw upon these resources year after year.

You can view clips of the workshops at our campus website,, or on our YouTube channel for the most recent workshops, You can also read the table of contents, reviews, and more for all of our manuals, at the campus website.

The Learning Environment

All of Sign Biz Business Development programs are held at Sign Biz Corporate Offices, located in Dana Point, California. Dana Point is home to 36,765 residents and is characterized by nearly seven miles of prominent coastal bluffs and rolling hills along the Pacific Ocean. Most noteworthy is Dana Point Harbor, one of the most significant manmade alterations of the Orange County coastline. Dana Point Harbor provides slips and mooring for over 2,500 boats along with over 50 specialty shops and restaurants.

The Harbor attracts thousands of visitors annually for shopping, sport fishing, walking, bicycling, parasailing and a host of recreational activities. Dana Point provides over 1,900 hotel rooms ranging in accommodations and services from economy to five star hotels. Located in southern Orange County, California, Dana Point is approximately half-way between Los Angeles and San Diego, and is bordered by the cities of Laguna Niguel and Laguna Beach to the north, San Juan Capistrano to the east, and San Clemente to the south. The resort style atmosphere along with quaint shops and a majestic harbor reflect the charm this lovely maritime community has to offer within walking distance of the Sign Biz Training Center.

Continuing Education

In addition, each year, Sign Biz hosts an International Convention, dubbed “The Reunion,” alternating between Orlando, FL and Las Vegas, NV. These inspired education events take place on the heels of the International Sign Association Expo, the largest sign industry trade show in the world. Mentors make themselves available to guide our Members through the Expo. Our conventions our supplemented by Regional Owners’ Meetings where East Coast, West Coast, Mid-South, Southern, Northeast, and Central region Advisory Board members help spearhead these fun, educational one-day events to share best practices. Not to mention the camaraderie and fun that is part of every Sign Biz gathering!

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