(Tucson, AZ)– Sign Magic partnered with the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation this past summer to bring another one of Tucson’s historic signs back to life. This sign is located at the original Sparkle Cleaners at 16 W. Drachman. Drachman became a hot spot for restored historic signs in March of 2012, when the Historic Preservation Foundation joined forces with Pima Community College.

sparkle-1955-2“The sign definitely needed a little TLC when it was first brought into our shop to begin restoration. There were places on the metal cabinet frame of the sign that were rusting and falling apart so this was the first problem to take care of.

sparkle-beforePictured left is the sign before the restoration work, as it appeared in later years. There is rust and the sign was very fragile. Once Sign Magic had it, the sign was dissected, and then received multiple layers of fresh paint, all new neon lighting, and new bulbs on the other lit parts of the sign. As you can see, the logo changed as well.

sign-magic-az-restores-historic-sign-night-viewChannel 4 News featured the sign and its story on Friday evening’s news, and The Arizona Daily Star had a photo and story written in Saturday’s paper! The restored, reinstalled Sparkle Cleaners sign was lit for the first time at dusk on Friday, Jan. 11, 2013.

A town that takes care of its signs is a town worth knowing. ~ Teresa M. Young

The featured image at the top of this article shows the sign early in the installation process after it’s makeover. Once in place, the neon and ballast can safely be added. Here is a photo at night, when the magic really happens! To see more pictures of the restored sign, check out Sign Magic’s Facebook page, or visit Sparkle Cleaners in person. An official lighting party should be happening in the near future at Sparkle Cleaners, to honor this exciting piece of Tucson history!

History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul. ~ Lord Acton