(Dana Point, CA)– 2014 marks another year of record-breaking sales by Member of the Sign Biz Network – topping all chains as reported in Wide-Format Imaging’s 2014 SIGN FRANCHISE REVIEW. Looking back on the 25th annual Sign Biz Network Convention, it is easy to see the progress made by these full-service sign businesses over the past several years.

Largest Non-Franchised Chain

graph-stats-product-mixThough not a franchise chain (there are no royalty payments or ongoing fees of any type), the Sign Biz organization developed a model operation not only for those entering the sign industry as novices, but also for building existing businesses who matriculate into the Network for a one-time conversion fee. “They keep their name and identity fully intact, but we help them to build “the second story” – with a greatly expanded set of resources beyond what a business achieves when going solo,” explains Teresa M. Young, the President and CEO of Sign Biz, Inc., the founding company.

The report also provides a snapshot of the product mix represented by these 1800 operations. The mix differs in some ways from the product mix percentages found in the Sign Biz Network, which produces very few “Yard Signs” but a greater volume of building signs and fleet graphics.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. ~ Henry Ford

Industry Expansion Mirrors Economy

The sign industry in 2014 also experienced record sales, with some shop reporting increases of 40% – 80% over the prior year. New Members are beneficiaries of not only the strenuously-built business model, but also the upswing in the GNP. (For nations, gross domestic product (GDP) is the most widely used yardstick to measure economic activity and growth. Conceptually, GDP measures the value of output produced by the market economy within a year or other period. In addition, GDP is defined as output produced within a designated geographic area such as a nation’s boundaries.) “Though the sign industry has historically been “elastic” and not succumbing to the full swings of a downturn in the economy, the recent 2008 – 2013 recession did impact all businesses. The robust resurgence in sales and profitability through last year and into the new year has shown that this was not simply a case of “pent up demand,” adds Young.

“The achievements of these truly inspiring entrepreneurs continues to push the envelope of what a visual communications company can do!” added Young.