Support never stops. Service never rests.

SupportHigh quality digital sign industry specific products and services, expert technical support, and a long-standing reputation of integrity have been hallmarks of the Sign Biz corporation for more than twenty years. Our team of industry experts is available 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, by toll-free numbers. You are too important for voicemail! This focus on quality and our commitment to long-term partnerships has made Sign Biz an industry leader, active on numerous industry Boards, and connected to the best companies. Read about key support activities below, or visit our links at the bottom of the page for special services such as: Business Plan & Loan Consulting; National and Chain accounts for the Sign Biz Network; The community and private IntraNetwork system for Member communications; Your Identity Package and more.

Advisory Board Members.

Advisory BoardThe Sign Biz Advisory Board is made up of 18 Sign Biz Network Members who work with Sign Biz, Inc. to support the Sign Biz Network. The Advisory Board is a resource for all Sign Biz Network Members, and Regional Advisors are representing Members within their region in matters relevant to those operations, such as local vendor resources, and even the sharing of materials and staff! They arrange Regional Owners Meetings each year where Members gather for a day to exchange tips, share techniques, and review survey results. Advisory Board Members are often expert panelists at our conventions. "Everyone wonders, when they join the network, whether the support that's talked about will really be there over time. Everything promised has been delivered...we can testify that the support is everything we hoped for and more. Everyone at Sign Biz is available, knowledgeable, and fun to deal with at the same time."--Toby Stephens, Elite Sign & DesignRead more

Five Star Technical Support.

Satisfaction GuaranteedThe Technical Support Department of Sign Biz Inc. is a key player in the operations of both new stores and established businesses within the Sign Biz Network. Full-time staff members provide networking assistance, hardware and software diagnosis and repair, IT management, and build each new custom signmaking and POS systems to rigid specifications. The Technical Director also maintains the Network's electronic message service, wherein Members communicate instantaneously with all other Network Members around the globe at the touch of the 'send' button. "When you call Sign Biz, Inc. any work day of the year, you reach a real-- and knowledgeable-- person. The policy is-- you're too important for voicemail." "Sign Biz Tech has saved my bacon many times over, and David goes the extra mile every time." Hal Smith, Mustang Signs

Looking Forward, Never Resting!

Foresight Perhaps one of the most instrumental activities conducted by Sign Biz, Inc. on behalf of Sign Biz Network Members is Research & Development into new products, techniques, equipment, and software. Beta test of many products takes place at the locations of Network Members who have volunteered to report on new products. It is this partnership which often drives new product introductions. Additionally, Sign Biz has the distinct privilege of being part of the sign industry's leading organizations in the areas of environmental sustainability, and electronic digital signage. From digital print technology in 1994, to the first full-service video sign program in 2004, to the sign industry's first website for eco-minded sign shops,, we continue to innovate, now offering the most powerful on-line architectural sign design and fulfillment e-commerce system for the website built for each Member. "Sign Biz has provided the needed support with a smile! When I think of how much money we would have paid in franchise fees over the last 8 years, I smile to myself because I definitely made the right decision!" --Linda Levitan, Million Dollar Milestone Club Member, Clearwater, Florida.

Too Good to Forget: The Sign Biz International Convention.

The Sign Biz Reunion LogoThe Sign Biz Reunion, as the annual International Convention is dubbed, has drawn Members in record numbers, from across the US and around the globe. Members from Mexico, the Bahamas, and Canada contribute to the international flavor of these events. Quality venues and programs consistently receives top reviews, and draw record-breaking numbers of attendees as it drives education to the forefront of the Sign Biz Network. Business owners and their staff learn of new products, techniques, and management best practices at the annual Reunion. These education-packed events are designed by Advisory Board and staff to create a valuable three-day program and a one of a kind party, too. From workshops on environmentally-friendly sign products, to General Sessions on how to bid government contracts, the range of topics and Roundtable events satisfies everyone. Literature is loaded to flash drive wristbands so that attendees have more than 150 pages of information literally at their fingertips - and save a few trees in the process! Read more about these exceptional events.

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