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A List of Adhesives and Fasteners

Gravity: When it Really Needs to Stick

tools of the trade
The A-List of Adhesives, Tapes and More: What are the best go-to adhesive products today, for architectural sign products? Which DP media is best for wall murals? Drill down to exterior applications and get the low-down on the new Low-VOC paints! Bring your trickiest installation questions, from high-temp environments, to the great chill – get the pro answers you need! Graphic artists invited!


Experts John Sharkey of RTape, and Graham Threinen of 3M!


Flexi Two-Hour Tour 2015


There are more questions than ever before for Mark, about FLexi Cloud, Finishing Tools, enhancements, new features and much, much more. Come enjoy the only Certified Flexi Instructor and Crowd Favorite, Mark Rugen, as he takes a deep dive into new Flexi attributes!

Mark Rugen

President since 1989 of, based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Mark has over 25 years of experience in the sign and graphics market. He has traveled throughout the world teaching CASmate, Inspire, FlexiSIGN, and Color Management Principles. He is also familiar with Adobe products and all Microsoft Office products and provides unparalleled guidance in Flexi Sign Pro and graphics tools. He is a much-loved presenter valued by graphic designers coast to coast, and he shared a two-hour session with Sign Biz Members this year, and all of your Flexi Cloud questions were answered – finally!


Wrap Heroes is Positively Extraordinary

Wrap Heroes Program

wrap heroes
Get in on the #1 feel-good-do-good gig of the century – Every detail covered here! Wrap Heroes builds a little color into not so colorful situations. Over 1,500 helmets wrapped and 65 partner shops to date! Baby helmets are stark white. With a Wrap Heroes makeover, the look is transformed into a positive experience for everyone. Wrap Heroes is our initiative to transform a doctor-ordered baby helmet into something that brings smiles and happiness. Wrap Heroes takes it to a new level for Sign Biz Members, with 100’s of ready-to-go art files, first-hand experience!


Toby Stevens, Hero, Sign Biz Member Hero!


Graphic Applications New for 2015

Graphic Applications: No Limits

graphic design course
The range of materials and finishing services has GROWN. Time to catch up on all that is new! From “changeable signage” logo mats to rink floor graphics, fabric “printing” and more, the possibilities are astonishing – and each is a profit center. Learn which applications should be considered for branding, advertising, and information applications, and How-To.

Subject Matter Expert

Presented by consummate expert, Paul VanDyke, of Montroy Supply, specializing in sign business applications!