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Insurance 201 Seminar 2015

THE USUAL SUSPECTS – Insurance 201

insurance by der manouel
What you don’t know can hurt you! How do you shop for insurance that covers you, and all sign services you offer, plus workers comp coverage that won’t break the bank! What are the tips and types of coverage that save your bacon if you handle wraps in-house? The Affordable Care Act – learn more. Find policies that balance coverage and savings!


Justin Pretzer, of Der Manouel Insurance Group, specializing in sign business coverage and Sign Biz Member, Jon Hoffman.


Speed 2 Cyrious Software Seminar

Speed 2: Cyrious Control

cyrious software
The many features of this POS program can be explored in an interactive session with favorite, Brandon Readlinger. For those that have been working with the program for a while and might not know many of the new product features, or if you are brand new to this powerful program– Come and learn more about the popular “document management” feature. And discover the all-in-one view of your projects in the workflow: Where they are, at a glance! Take charge of your Customer Relationship Management like a pro!


Presented by consummate expert, Brandon Readlinger, Director of Operations, Cyrious Software.


Dissecting Vdara Project Management Process

Vdara: The Dissection

sign project management
Las Vegas City Center’s Vdara Hotel is part of the largest, single, privately funded development in US history, totaling $9.2 billion. The joint venture of MGM Resorts Intl, and Infinity World Development ultimately awarded an over $300,000 interior sign contract to Wolfpack Sign Group. Ryan Meyer and Peter Wolf will provide an eye-opening look at how this large contract was presented, won, and fulfilled. There is a system for winning the bid – and then maintaining control! Step by Step, the process is revealed… Don’t miss this priceless dissection!


Featuring Sign Biz Members Ryan Meyer, President and Peter Wolf, Alpha Wolf, Wolfpack Sign Group!


Friday Night Lights EMC Program 2015

Friday Night Lights: EMC Sign Sales

deacon wardlow with sign biz inc.
Vantage LED is the company chosen to provide billboards for Brazil FanFest Events at the World Cup. Yet this company is focused squarely on their sign company partners, building real relationships with their education and support services. A new partner program debuts for Sign Biz Members, providing deep group buy advantages. The most innovative software platform coupled with US based manufacturing gives Vantage LED partners a great advantage. Learn more and gain additional resources!


Deacon Wardlow, a developer for Vantage LED and guest speaker at the Sign Biz Convention