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A List of Adhesives and Fasteners

Gravity: When it Really Needs to Stick

tools of the trade
The A-List of Adhesives, Tapes and More: What are the best go-to adhesive products today, for architectural sign products? Which DP media is best for wall murals? Drill down to exterior applications and get the low-down on the new Low-VOC paints! Bring your trickiest installation questions, from high-temp environments, to the great chill – get the pro answers you need! Graphic artists invited!


Experts John Sharkey of RTape, and Graham Threinen of 3M!


Insurance 201 Seminar 2015

THE USUAL SUSPECTS – Insurance 201

insurance by der manouel
What you don’t know can hurt you! How do you shop for insurance that covers you, and all sign services you offer, plus workers comp coverage that won’t break the bank! What are the tips and types of coverage that save your bacon if you handle wraps in-house? The Affordable Care Act – learn more. Find policies that balance coverage and savings!


Justin Pretzer, of Der Manouel Insurance Group, specializing in sign business coverage and Sign Biz Member, Jon Hoffman.


Speed 2 Cyrious Software Seminar

Speed 2: Cyrious Control

cyrious software
The many features of this POS program can be explored in an interactive session with favorite, Brandon Readlinger. For those that have been working with the program for a while and might not know many of the new product features, or if you are brand new to this powerful program– Come and learn more about the popular “document management” feature. And discover the all-in-one view of your projects in the workflow: Where they are, at a glance! Take charge of your Customer Relationship Management like a pro!


Presented by consummate expert, Brandon Readlinger, Director of Operations, Cyrious Software.


Dye Sub Print Technology 2015 Seminar

EXECUTIVE DECISION: Dye Sub: Your Prints Charming

dye sub workshop
Finding the Perfect Fit! Everything you need to know about this incredible technology, and what markets it opens up! Today, new innovations allow for extreme printing possibilities. Tap the resources at this table and discover the ROI that sign professionals are achieving today with the new dye-sublimation printers. Ask any and all questions!

Subject Matter Experts

Presented by Mike Renna, Regional Sales Manager, Roland DGA Corp. with David McCutcheon, Sign Biz Tech Director


UP Seminar Prepare for Lift-Off

UP! Prepare for Sales Lift!

sign shop bucket truck specs
Find out if a bucket truck is right for you, from one of the country’s largest suppliers: A lively forum with breakfast! Maybe your company is at the point when it’s time to add an aerial device to your fleet. Or maybe it is in your future. For the first-time buyer, or for a company relatively new to the process this guide will serve as a great starting point to help prepare you for this tall order. Expect lively discussions with experts!
Topics include recent changes in federal regulations, minimum chassis requirements, financing insights, and more!


A Panel Discussion with senior advisers with Utility Crane & Equipment; Beacon Funding, and Elliott Equipment with Member contributors!


Introduction to Duets Direct

New Skid on the Dock: Meet Duets Direct

engraving products
There’s a new ADA substrate in town! Meet Duets Direct and discover architectural possibilities never before imagined! Gemini, a trusted leader, introduces the first competitive line of ADA materials, plus hot new architectural products! Get your samples TODAY, discover the hottest new material around!

Subject Matter Experts

Kenan Hanhan, VP Sales & Marketing, Gemini Sign Products and Gary Harder, Business Director for Duets Direct