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Landing Print Jobs 2015 Seminar

Landing Print Jobs

Landing Print Jobs
A session about innovations and methods that allow visual communications product providers to add more to their offerings. Whether it is digital print, menus for restaurants, tent cards, brochures or other print collateral, the option to build in more revenue exists for sign shops. With a focus on marketing and proven sales practices, you learn that “build it and they will come” is more than a line in a movie – it works today, to draw the best customers: Landing pages are the focused web real estate platforms that draw them in. Bonus for attendees, three new Landing Pages!


Panel Discussion with Dave Fellman, Author of Sell More Printing, with Mark Larson, VP of Sales, Zoo Printing and Teresa M. Young, web developer.


Follow Up Strategies by Wanda Allen 2015

Follow-Up Strategies

author wanda allen
Wanda Allen is a national speaker, coach and author. She authored “Follow Up Savvy” and is a contributing author to Amazon’s #1 Best Seller, “Selling With Synchronicity.” Wanda teaches her clients what follow-up entails and the components that form this system. The goal is to change the common knowledge and perception of follow-up and how mastering this skill can improve sales performance, increase client retention, and create loyalty. Discover follow-up tools, and the results you can expect from an effective follow-up system!


Author & Coach, Wanda Allen


Dissecting Vdara Project Management Process

Vdara: The Dissection

sign project management
Las Vegas City Center’s Vdara Hotel is part of the largest, single, privately funded development in US history, totaling $9.2 billion. The joint venture of MGM Resorts Intl, and Infinity World Development ultimately awarded an over $300,000 interior sign contract to Wolfpack Sign Group. Ryan Meyer and Peter Wolf will provide an eye-opening look at how this large contract was presented, won, and fulfilled. There is a system for winning the bid – and then maintaining control! Step by Step, the process is revealed… Don’t miss this priceless dissection!


Featuring Sign Biz Members Ryan Meyer, President and Peter Wolf, Alpha Wolf, Wolfpack Sign Group!


UP Seminar Prepare for Lift-Off

UP! Prepare for Sales Lift!

sign shop bucket truck specs
Find out if a bucket truck is right for you, from one of the country’s largest suppliers: A lively forum with breakfast! Maybe your company is at the point when it’s time to add an aerial device to your fleet. Or maybe it is in your future. For the first-time buyer, or for a company relatively new to the process this guide will serve as a great starting point to help prepare you for this tall order. Expect lively discussions with experts!
Topics include recent changes in federal regulations, minimum chassis requirements, financing insights, and more!


A Panel Discussion with senior advisers with Utility Crane & Equipment; Beacon Funding, and Elliott Equipment with Member contributors!


Friday Night Lights EMC Program 2015

Friday Night Lights: EMC Sign Sales

deacon wardlow with sign biz inc.
Vantage LED is the company chosen to provide billboards for Brazil FanFest Events at the World Cup. Yet this company is focused squarely on their sign company partners, building real relationships with their education and support services. A new partner program debuts for Sign Biz Members, providing deep group buy advantages. The most innovative software platform coupled with US based manufacturing gives Vantage LED partners a great advantage. Learn more and gain additional resources!


Deacon Wardlow, a developer for Vantage LED and guest speaker at the Sign Biz Convention


Full Introduction to Dynamic Signs for Sign Shops

Make the Move to Dynamic Sign Sales

teresa young presenting seminar
This hour and a half class provides a first-hand, real-world review of how sign shops offer dynamic signage to their clients, how to fulfill, and more! Is dynamic signage (DS) something you should offer? This class will answer that question with a definitive “Yes!” Learn how and why this exploding market is rapidly becoming the domain of the “traditional” sign shop. Whether you are simply curious, or are ready to offer your clients this exciting new communication medium, this enlightening, provocative and brutally honest workshop divulges the ways to win with DS. Learn types and uses of digital signage, how these systems work, ways to offer content, and gain confidence to proceed! Bonus Handout: A concise Needs Analysis form for use with prospects!


Teresa M. Young, President, Sign Biz Inc., and Founder of LobbyPOP. Workshop sponsored by SA International (SAi)