The Site Process Overview

Sign Biz includes these site selection and demographic studies in their turnkey new store program for entrepreneurs.

Site Selection

When you’re thinking of expanding into a new geographic area, selecting your new location may be the most important decision you make. Choosing the right location for your business requires exhaustive analysis of financial and non-financial variables that must be evaluated for each site location alternative. We assess a site’s potential for success by mapping for you such success- influencing factors as competitor locations, prospective customer locations, major roads and streets (which could create barriers to traffic flow), malls and other shopping areas, and other variables we’ve identified as being relevant to the success of a location. If you’ve identified more than one potential site, we can use the same process mentioned above to help you decide which, if any, of your choices will be most profitable.

Competitor Analysis

Competition Surveys

The ratio of sign companies-to-qualified business count is examined. For new Network Members, this includes an analysis of each potential competitor from our own first-person surveys. Our competition surveys and final report require 3 full-time staff members and an average of 40 hours to complete. The final study may be 10 to 20 pages in length, and becomes an important component in business plan development for each new store owner.

$100K Research Study

We build our site selection work on the most comprehensive market research study in the sign industry– proprietary to Sign Biz, Inc. This valuable information helps our high-tech sign companies select the most competitive location for their business. Our deep knowledge of economic development combined with our market research provides our clients with the most comprehensive site selection report available. Our economic research and demographic capabilities provide answers to your questions about the future market potential of a community.

Lease Negotiation

Lease Review

After your protected territory is determined, a lease site will be secured for your new store. Paul Strauch, VIP, will help your business negotiate and receive top inducement packages from landlords for your lease site. Paul has more than 30 years in commercial and industrial real estate, as both owner and principal broker, in Hawaii, as well as in New York. This experience makes him particularly qualified to provide valuable guidance and instruction to new Sign Biz dealers regarding many factors affecting the lease agreement.

3D Site Layouts

Yes, we even create 3D layouts of your space, complete with wall color, carpet, furniture placement, and more, to complement the architect’s floor layout! You can envision how everything will fit together, and what your clients will experience as they walk through your door!

You can expect a design that reflects more than a decade of experience specifically devoted to the digital sign and graphics industry. We custom-render CAD layout designs of your business floor plan, including an equipment layout schemata with all hardware footprints shown to scale. We are experts in understanding the unique challenges of your marketplace.