World-Class Dynamic Signs

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The Dynamic Signage Revolution!

We were first! Today, our LobbyPOP division and award-winning LobbyCaster software drive screens all across North America and the Bahamas. LobbyPOP is the only nationwide, full-service graphics and “edutainment” network of specialists who deliver complete, turn-key lobby and waiting room dynamic sign systems for small businesses and chain stores. Sign Biz Members gain a full dynamic sign system and training, included!

Dynamic Digital Signs

Though it may seem to be an “overnight sensation” with dynamic signage appearing everywhere and permeating the International Sign Association’s Expo, the largest sign industry trade show – in fact, we began research into these place-based digital displays back in 2005. This was long before any other sign organization had this opportunity on their radar. So, it’s an overnight sensation – with an eleven-year history!  Today, the LobbyPOP program and LobbyCaster Software has quietly become the #1 trade partner to the sign industry.

Big Branding for Small Business

Going Dynamic

1985: The first wave swept the country, bringing computers to the sign industry, and transforming Signage into a billion-dollar industry – overnight. The first company to offer a complete, royalty-free business to new signage entrepreneurs was Sign Biz® Inc.

1994: Cutting edge Digital Print systems allowed graphic designers to create stunning, full-color images for signs, banners and surfaces. The first company to host a symposium for this technology introduction was Sign Biz® Inc. Today, the Sign Biz chain is the largest royalty-free digital sign & graphics chain in the world.

2005: Dynamic, full-motion, cinema-quality digital video signs are suddenly – overnight – a billion-dollar industry. This has transformed the way businesses interact with their visual communications providers. And the first company to offer every piece of the digital puzzle in one full-service, proven package is – you guessed it – Sign Biz® Inc.

Communications Dynamo

From simple to complex and everything in between, LobbyPOP offers the integrated systems and stand-alone software to meet the rapidly evolving needs of today’s digital signage communicators. LobbyPOP technology offers the hardware, software, systems and expert design and installation services needed to transform a blank flat panel screen into a communications dynamo through more than 50 LobbyPOP Pros across US and Bahamas.

LobbyPOP solutions range from the all-in-one HipPOP, to solid-state Media players, Wide Screen LCD display screens, LobbyCaster software, Cloud Control Manager and the private Member portal for digital signage tools. We are proud to represent all name brand commercial displays, from LG and Samsung, to video walls and touch screens – and offer wholesale rates to LobbyPOP Pros and Dynamic Sign Certified Experts.

A casual glance at a digital sign reveals little about what it actually takes to present segment after segment of blended video, text, graphics and animation. But peel back the covers a bit and what’s revealed is a combination of hardware and software that assembles media files, positions them on the screen, sequences their playback, manages a cohesive schedule of events and even -for larger digital signage networks- delivers the monitoring and diagnostic tools to identify problems and correct problems from a central management center. LobbyPOP has it all.


LobbyPOP delivers “the stuff behind the flat panel” that transforms a display from a blank screen into a communications dynamo. No puzzle – Simply display, media player and customized content creation packaged together as a cost-effective solution that’s not found anywhere else. Our LobbyPOP content provides the nation’s first compelling, true-to-the-market, cinema-quality experience for small businesses. It is ideal for applications in business lobbies, waiting rooms, hotels, banks and retail shops.

Smart businesses know effective interior signage can:
• Reduce perceived wait times by 30% – 60%*
• Increase sales by 18% – 62%*
• Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction*
*Multiple studies, including Nielsen


With nearly 200 professional service centers nationwide and around the globe, the Sign Biz LobbyPOP Pro is certified as a Visual Communications Specialist. Each is trained in the LobbyPOP system, and has the tools and clear information to consult, produce, install and maintain these dynamic sign systems. Included in the Sign Biz Training Program is a complete, end-to-end introduction to dynamic signs, a complete 42″ HD system for your lobby, fully customized infomercial, and ongoing coaching and guidance.