Owned by Tom Carr since 2010, SignWorks is a full service sign company that opened under the Sign Biz program in 1993. The prior owners, Jerry and Esta Holden, had a plan when they brought Carr on board to manage the shop. They planned on selling the business to him. “We just hadn’t told him yet,” says Jerry with a chuckle. But Carr, being talented and astute, was very interested. And so in 2010, he purchased the business and took the reins.

In fact, the entire team at SignWorks is highly talented. In a recent job, SignWorks built several signs for a local movie theater, Cinemark, on the historic “Cannery Row” in Monterey. Because the previous sign shop contracted for the job cancelled at the last minute, they had only one week to complete the signs on time. Using a 6? 5? x 10? sheet of Precision Board Plus PBLT-15, they routed it and put on 2? letters and 5? scallops, backed it with plywood and were able to finish the job in time.

Tom Carr has been involved in the signage industry since 1988. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in design and went on to work for several different sign shops before purchasing Sign Works. You can see him flexing his muscles alongside the smiling employees at Sign Works in this picture!