All Signs Point to Positive Growth

We have a trend-caster on board (our President & CEO) but it doesn’t take a seasoned sign industry professional to see what direction we are headed in this industry. What is clear to practically everyone is that the sign industry is in a boom period – and for many, the busiest December in their shop’s history is underway right now.

We’ll share some of the excitement in this post!

Education Directions

Early in the year, our famous Sign Biz Convention, dubbed “Reunions,” featured a wide and deep array of workshops. As always, voted for by Sign Biz Members. After all, who better to know what seminars would most benefit a sign shop owner? We see certification, dynamic signage, hiring and Millennials as big trends for 2017. Here was the line-up Sign Biz Members chose:

Authentic Marketing: What Google Wants; Getting to Paperless: How the Largest Companies Do It; Dynamic Sales: Moving Clients; New Hiring Rules; Illuminated Signs; Moving the Shop; Future Operations; ADA Standards and Resources; LobbyCASTER Software; The Magic Formula- Your Financial Benchmarks; Methods + Materials: New, Cool Sign Stuff, Lightening Round!; National Accounts; The Case for Certification; and a Keynote by Michele Norris on Millennials that garnered a 10 out of 10!

Check out the Reunion recap and the many new Milestones achieved, then click over to see some free workshop excerpts, and finally, the infamous Gala music video! The Reunion Recap link; the workshop excerpts on YouTube; and the Gala party video just released last month!

New Entrepreneurs!

New Shop Interior: GrandMark Signs

We are privileged to welcome new entrepreneurs into the Sign Biz family! This year was robust, as we expand our footprint into 43 states and 6 countries. We anticipate unprecedented growth in 2017, for new shops, and for individual shop sales.

This year, we welcomed Montell & Telisa Staples from Indianapolis, IN; Neil Sanghavi of West Orange, NJ; Joe Tindall in Lenexa, KS; Vicky and John Denney, and Alicia Haulk of New Albany, IN; Craig Sorenson in Puyallup, WA; Mike Trotter and Doug Walker in Tuscon, AZ; Steven Caldeira in Monterey, CA; Eric Larson in Reno, NV; and Stephen Boyter in Portland, OR!  On the edge of 2017, we have Vic Balushian and Jan Willey in CA; Phil Warrick in Texas! Boom!

More 3M Classes

Again, for 2017, we feature over 50 new Certified Installer Training classes for 3M! Answering multiple requests for additional high quality accessible training and testing programs throughout the US, 3M Graphics Market announces that five 3M Graphics Authorized Training & Testing Providers will offer special rates for 3M Advanced Installer Training to Sign Biz Members. This new training option brings valuable training and skill validation to five regions of the US: California, Texas, Minnesota, Kansas, and Florida. Visit the online calendar for full details here.

Dynamic Digital Trends

Dynamic digital sign technology has found a fitting home in the sign sign industry. But the aim of most dynamic sign system providers has been to create an aura of complexity and confusion surrounding the technology. Since 2006, the Sign Biz organization, under its LobbyPOP trademark, has been carving a clean path forward for sign professionals who want to offer dynamic signage to their clients. This approach has created a demand for our seminars- presented at industry trade shows such as ISA (2014, 2015, 2016, and this coming April, 2017); NBM shows, California Sign Association conferences, and of course, a deep dive at the Sign Biz Reunions. The need for a protected wholesale platform, coupled with ongoing education and support, has built a loyal base of digital sign pros. These shops log in at and order displays, media players, and download software and activate management licenses for their customers. 2017 is evidently going to be a very big year of growth for!

#1 To The Sign Trade

Member Snaps

With a dozen newsworthy events taking place each week in the Sign Biz Network, it is not an easy task to pick out a few highlights for the quarter. So here is a random set of snapshots that capture the spirit of creativity – and connectivity- of the Network individualists!

In Reno, Nevada, Eric Larson opens his new business with Mid-Century Modern flair! You must stop in to see how he has captured the spirit of Reno’s new take on Midtown! With the city’s focus on mid-century architecture and signage, and Larson’s coveted location in the heart of the revitalization, this is a match made in heaven!
Then we have Joe Tindall, newly opened in Lenexa, KS, and Grand Mark Signs has already made a grand impression! Sales are extraordinary, and Tindall’s early work on a curved wall demonstrates why clients are seeking him out!

3V Signs made the news a number of times, once for a cheeky visit to another Member’s shop, Solano Signs. Stefanie Dacy snapped an opportunity to photobomb Aaron Cradduck’s shop! The member message group had a field day with this one!
Then Pat Dacy received honors and a fantastic write-up by Goldman Sachs not only because he graduated from the 10,000 Small Businesses program – but also for the work the Dacy’s do to provide the cranial wraps needed by many babies. The Sign Biz Network started the ball rolling when Member Toby Stephens shared his story and contribution efforts. To date, nearly all Sign Biz Members participate. The Dacy’s have donated approximately 458 cranial wraps, valued at over $115,000. Read more here.

Some 2017 Trends

Trending Takeaways

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