Dynamic Sign Class for CSA Summit

CA Sign Association Agenda
Push or Pull? The marketplace IS asking for digital signage applications. They just may not have thought to ask YOU, yet…
This class provides a first-hand, real-world understanding of how sign shops offer dynamic signage to their clients, how to fulfill, and more! The presentation was rated “Excellent” by all attendees at this year’s NBM show in Indianapolis.

Is dynamic signage something you should offer? This class will answer that question with a definitive “Yes!” Learn how and why this exploding market is rapidly becoming the domain of the “traditional” sign shop. Whether you are simply curious, or are ready to offer your clients this exciting new communication medium, this enlightening, provocative and brutally honest workshop divulges the ways to win with DS. Learn types and uses of digital signage, how these systems work, ways to offer content, and gain confidence to proceed! This class will review three content models; a variety of low-cost yet sophisticated systems; and case studies. Bonus Handout: A concise Needs Analysis form for use with prospects! Full Brochure PDF


Teresa M. Young, DSCE
President/ CEO Sign Biz, Inc. & Founder, LobbyPOP®